Tobias Ziegler

Art & Media Architecture

About Me

About Me

In times of increasing digitization, new technologies and services long for our attention at an enormous pace. We're asked to adapt almost every decade. The ubiquity of different media is immersing us. To counter that, we engage in digital detox activities, train our mindfulness, and we try to apply consciousness to everydays life. How we percieve our world, the very environment that surrounds us, has changed too. Tobias Ziegler is interested in how the underlying processes of perception are changing, in the awareness of these changes and what effects this has on the relationship between humans and their environment.

Who influences whom?

A particular focus of Tobias Ziegler's artistic activity is the question of how the perception of physical space changes in interaction with new media (especially light). His (partially multimodal) installations invite viewers to explore their limits of perception. Through the very dynamic and intense sensory impressions, combined with intense feelings and even physical experiences, situations are created in which people can become aware of their own perception again - processes that are not unknown, but which have been lost in the noise of everyday life. For his activities, he draws on the knowledge gained from his professional work as a project manager for media scenography, his studies of media technology, media architecture (Bauhaus Weimar) and computational arts (Concordia University Montréal) and his numerous projects with renowned artists and researchers.

Exhibitions / Teaching / Publications


2020 - "Luminale" @ Rossmarkt, Frankfurt am Main (DE), "Touching Night Skies 50°06'44"N 8°40'36"E", Artist

2016-2017 Special Exhibit @ ZKM, Karlsruhe (DE), "Light Plane Depth 2.0", Artist

2012 - "Salon Pink" @ Gaswerk, Weimar (DE), "Light Plane Depth 2.0", Artist

2011 - "Summaery" @ Bauhaus University, Weimar (DE), "Light Plane Depth 2.0", Artist

2011 - "Atmosphere" @FOFA Gallery, Montréal (CA), "Atmosphere" by Chris Salter, Collaborator

2011 - "MoisMulti 12 Recto Verso/Meduse", Quebec City (CA), JND by Chris Salter, Collaborator

2011 - "Enter the foam and achieve second sight" @ Eastern Blocs Gallery, Montréal, (CA), "Light Plane Depth", Artist (together with Vincent de Belleval and Morgan Sutherland)

2011 - "Nuit Blanche de Montréal" @ Redbird Studios, Montréal (CA), "Light Plane Depth", Artist (together with Vincent de Belleval and Morgan Sutherland)

2006 - "P > S" @ Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig (DE), "Impompi" by Florian Ebner & Manuel Reinartz, Collaborator


2020, Bauhaus University Weimar, "Light and Space", co-teaching a class in the master of science program for architecture

2012 - 2013, Bauhaus University Weimar, "Operation Sparkle", Leading an interdisciplinary studio-class in the international Master of Fine Arts program

2011 - 2018, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, "Introduction into Media Scenography", 2-day classes on the basics of media scenography in the bachelor program for PR-students

Publications & Lectures

2019 - Light in Fine Arts Colloquium, Kiel (DE), Lecture

2019 - Professional Lighting Designers Convention, Rotterdam (NL), Lecture & Paper

2016 - Volontärsakademie Bayern, Lecture

2015 - "Licht und Leben Konferenz" Weimar, Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft, Lecture & Article

2015 - EVA Conference London (UK), Lecture & Paper

2014 - EVA Conference Berlin (DE), Lecture & Paper

2014 - Showtech Trade Fair & Conference, Berlin (DE), Lecture

2013 - Catalogue "I want my MKG", Weimar (DE), Art work feature "Light Plane Depth 2.0"

2012 - Exhibition Catalogue "Salon Pink", Weimar (DE), Art work feature "Light Plane Depth 2.0"

2012 - Jahrbuch Architektur, Bauhaus University Weimar, Article, ISBN 978 3 86068 495 5

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